Offer. The ARS and variable input speed control are supplied free of charge with the purchase of a professional with remote control.

Drain Cleaner

Just like tillage, cleaning your drainage systems is one of the most important tasks that need doing at your company.
Inefficient drainage systems can have a great influence on the yield of your crop.
And a reduced yield equals LESS INCOME.
The solution to this problem is to regularly clean your drainage systems with our PROFESSIONAL DRAINAGE CLEANERS.
Keep your fields in optimal condition so that they EARN YOU MONEY.
S-S Engineering B.V. has produced PROFESSIONAL DRAINAGE CLEANERS for many years.
Our constructor has 39 years of experience in developing and constructing drainage cleaners. The drainage cleaners are always developed in cooperation with the end user.
The drainage cleaners are very robust and user-friendly and they are designed for the most demanding conditions.
The machines are available with a wide variety of optional extras, such as special nozzles for ferrous soil, heavy clay soil or loamy soil; hose lengths up to 700 metres; manual control valves with or without a radiographic remote control; a repeater system; an optical display of the nozzle’s resistance measurement when cleaning pipes, and many other extras.
Expert advice is necessary if you want to have the PROFESSIONAL DRAINAGE CLEANER that best suits your company and that ensures that your drainage system functions as well as possible after cleaning.

We will be happy to visit you so that we can offer you the right PROFESSIONAL DRAINAGE CLEANER.
You will then be assured of a PROFESSIONAL DRAINAGE CLEANER that is appropriate for your company and that quickly pays for itself.

If you are interested, please complete the contact form, stating your name, address and telephone number, so that we can contact you. Alternatively, call +31 (0)6 54 20 20 54.

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